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Clear me facial serum will have you showing off your skin in no time. Say goodbye to that problematic misbehaving acne. Formulated with white willow bark.Willow bark is excellent in providing non-irritating exfoliation, reducing inflammation, evening the skin tone and clearing and preventing breakouts. Derived from the bark of the willow tree, Willow Bark Extract has been used for centuries to soothe irritated skin. Containing salicin—from which salicylic acid is derived—this versatile ingredient is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, clearing pores and alleviating acne and irritation.  Clear me serum is a natural gentler version of salicylic acid which can be extremely irritating. Even in a low concentrations, salicylic acid can be accompanied by redness, dryness, and flaking. In fact, evidence shows that conventional acne treatments like salicylic acid may actually make breakouts worse, not better.No Animal Fats. No added junk and definitely No Animal Testing.🌱🪴🌱🪴

Clear Me Serum

$18.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • Directions for Use:

    Wash face and dry prior to using product. Can be used all over face or as a targeted acne treatment

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